Pelee Island Bike Rentals

PLEASE NOTE: Our final day of operations for the 2023 season will be Sunday, October 8.

Looking for a way to get around when you visit Pelee Island? A bike rental could be just what you're looking for!

At The Pelee Shop we have a fleet of nearly 150 bicycles, adult tricycles, kids bikes, tandem bikes, e-bikes, and bike trailers available for rent! We are working away at implementing an online rental platform but for the meantime if you would like to make a reservations please call us at 519-724-2828 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

To make things quick and easy for everyone we have included a list of all of the information that we will ask for when taking a reservation so that you can have it ready beforehand.

Please note this important information

Types of Bikes

Basket Bikes *Most popular*
$40/Day +HST

Basket bikes are our most popular rental option. These cruiser style bikes provide an easy, smooth ride around the island. Pretty well all of our basket bikes are 7-speed and they all (as the name states) have a basket on the front to carry your belongings. These are available with a step through or a step over frame, though most of our fleet are step through in order to make it easier to get on and off the bikes.

Hybrids and Mountain Bikes
$40/Day +HST

You will commonly hear us refer to these bikes as "mountain bikes" but the truth is we don't have many true mountain bikes in our rental fleet. The majority of these bikes are some form of hybrid between a cruiser style bike and a mountain bike. The majority of these bikes are 21 speed, and feature a rack on the back to hold a bag or other belongings (bungee cords are available and included in the rental price to strap things down to the back rack).

Adult Trikes
$40/Day +HST

We have a couple of adult sized tricycles available to rent. Each of them feature a large basket on the back to carry your belongings. The adult tricycles can be a bit different to ride and many people are unable to manage riding them so if you are thinking of renting one we will allow you to give it a quick try before committing. Please note that we cannot attach trailers to our adult trikes.

Tandem Bikes
$70/Day +HST

Tandem bikes are not a good alternative for people who do not know how to ride a bike, we do not recommend that inexperienced riders rent a tandem bike! Tandem bikes feature two seats one in front of the other so that two people can ride together. Many people think it is a good option if there is one person who doesn't really know how to ride a bike - this is not the case. Riding a tandem bike is not nearly as simple as you think it would be, there is definitely a learning curve, even for experienced bike riders. Due to the difficulty of riding a tandem bike we will allow you to give one of these a try before committing to it. Please note that we cannot attach trailers to any of our tandem bikes.

$70/Day +HST

A few notes about e-bikes - We require that all e-bike riders be 18+, and provide a valid drivers license and credit card to leave on file until your bike is returned. We also do not allow overnight rentals of our e-bikes at this time. Our e-bikes work as both pedal assist or fully electric. The pedal assist works on a scale of 1-6 with using the least assist and 6 using the most, the higher the number, the quicker you will go through the battery. On fully electric mode you will obviously go through the battery the quickest. Please note that we cannot attach trailers to any of our e-bikes.

Kids Bikes - $20/Day
$20/Day +HST

We have a small handful of kids bikes available for rent. Kids bike rates are based on the type of bike rented, not the age of the child. If a child is too big to ride one of our kids bikes then you will be charged for an adult bike. We do have bikes small enough for most kids as young as 5 (obviously depending on the size of the child). We do not currently offer training wheels for our kids bikes.

Bike Trailers For Children - $20/Day
$20/Day +HST

We have a small fleet of bike trailers available to attach to your bike. Our kids trailers all have two seats, though if your kids are older or larger they may be a bit more cramped if there are two of them in one trailer. All of our trailers do have some extra space at the back for bags, coats, etc. Please note that we cannot attach trailers to any of our tandem bikes, adult trikes, or e-bikes, as well as a select few of our mountain/hybrid bikes.

Bike Trailers For Pets or Cargo - $20/Day
$20/Day +HST

We have two Burley Tail Wagon's available whether you're looking to bring along your furry friend, or haul some extra bags around the island. The max recommended pet size is 23"/58 cm tall (to the top of their head, not their shoulders) and 29"/73cm long. The max weight capacity is 75lb. The trailers have a hard bottom wrapped in a thin fabric, feel free to bring some extra blankets to keep your pup extra comfy! There is also a small exterior mesh pouch that you can use to hold toys, leashes, etc. Please note that we cannot attach trailers to any of our tandem bikes, adult trikes, or e-bikes, as well as a select few of our mountain/hybrid bikes.

Bike Reservation Request

In the boxes below please include the quantity of each style of bike, approximate height of each rider, and whether there is a preference of male (m) vs female (f) bikes for each person.

Thank you! Your submission has been received! Please note that you will receive a reply within 24 hours. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation in writing via email.
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